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In order to fulfil its Vision & Mission, the Darshanalaya conducts a variety of programs in many towns and cities, offering the seekers an opportunity to study Vedic scriptures close to their homes. These classes are conducted regularly by the Acharyas and the Brahmacharis in a systematic and organised manner at several places in Gujarat, Mumbai and Pune for children, youngsters and adults.

Satsang Varg: After completing the first batch of Prasthaan-trayi, concept of Satsang Varg is started. The Sadhaks who have completed the Prasthaan Trayi program, meet and interact with each other alongwith other interested sadhaks on a regular basis. This helps in developing a deeper knowledge and understanding of the scriptures.

To bring about awareness about our Vedic scriptures and interest in their study among our children, various programs are conducted at a few selected schools across Mumbai, Pune and Gujarat. Initiatives have been taken by acharyas and brahmacharis to teach children shlokas, vedic chanting practices as well as other activities.

Classes for Yuva (Youth) and students are also being held across different locations at Mumbai.

Youth camps are also organised to bring excitement among them as well as get subject specific vedic understanding while they are on their camp.

In some centres classes are run by screening DVDs of pre-recorded lectures as well.