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Inculcating the teaching of our vedic scriptures in our children is of prime importance. The present generation of kids are unaware about our traditions, scriptures, sankruti and mythology. Infact, their tender mind is receptive of such learnings, if they are exposed to it.

At Param Praman Darshan it is always a pursuit to inculcate learning of our tradition, scriptures, sanskruti and mythology in a very interesting and entertaining manner among kids & students.  Thus to develop their interest in our vedic scriptures, the kids section is introduced in which we will tell theme stories, introduce to them various mythological characters, provide them with information regarding their summer camps, Vedic Samskara Programs at the Darshanalaya, Vedic Adhyayan  Vargs being run in different cities and more. Not only that, we will also upload photos of their classes and events as well as their contributions such as drawings, stories, poems etc.

We will continue to add content in this section, thus you all are requested to visit this section regularly.