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Parmamrutam – A monthly periodical from Param Praman Darshan
Parmamrutam is a monthly periodical published by the Param Praman Darshan. It helps you to gain knowledge by regularly reading articles published by the acharyas on key subject of interest. Besides this, it also teaches you Sanskrit language, gives new vedic shlokas and more. There is one article in English also. Parmamrutam  also has Kids-section. Thus Parmamrutam as a periodical is most suitable for the entire family. Parmamrutam is also an ideal gift for your relatives and friends.

Key information about subscribing this periodical is as under:
1 Parmamrutam monthly periodicals can be subscribed by submitting your application along with the subscription fees either in person or by post at the following address. Currently, 5 years subscription is open (from year 2008 to 2012), thus your paid subscription will be used towards the same.
Param Praman Darshanalaya
National highway no-8, Pardi – 396125, Valsad (Gujarat)
Phone no – (0260) 2370124 / +919427479495
2 Application form is available under the DOWNLOADS section of the website.
3 Application form shall be legibly filled either in Gujarati or Hindi, giving information like complete address, pincode number properly. If your address gets changed, kindly inform Karyalaya immediately.
4 You can submit your subscription either in person or through money order / bank draft. Bank draft shall be in the name of “Param Praman Darshan Trust”. If your are sending money order, kindly write your complete address and pincode number on the MO coupon.
5 ‘Parmamrutam’ periodicals 5 years subscription (2008 to 2012) is Rs. 650/-. For International subscription it is $60 or Rs. 2400/-
6 All correspondence regarding the Parmamrutam, shall be done on the above mentioned Karyalaya address.
7 Please mention your Parmamrutam membership number in all your correspondence with the Karyalaya.
8 Your membership number is mentioned on the address label of the Parmamrutam periodicals sent to you.
9 If you desire to gift this Parmamrutam periodical, you can do so by filling the application form on their behalf along with the subscription fees being paid. As a sponsor, kindly also write your name-address for our record.